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How Does a Chapter Meeting Work?

The time has come again, the day that the entire S-Chapter had been waiting for - the chapter meeting. Important positions are chosen, while food from the chapter's event manager is eaten while drinking copious amounts of coffee. But if you’re a new student you’re probably wondering: what exactly is a chapter meeting? What will happen?

From chapter meeting 3 last year.

The same article was published in Swedish last year, and can be found here.

A chapter meeting is a place where the chapter members have the opportunity to practice the best thing there is - democracy. This is where the most important decisions are made within the chapter, and this is also where we get to hear all the gossip about what the board has had to do since the last chapter meeting. We get to know candidates for the positions that will later be elected, and approve or reject motions regarding memos or budget changes. A memo - what’s that?? It is simply the chapter's governing document, where all the rules about how the chapter's board and functionary groups are to be managed, as well as their corresponding obligations. Do you want to know more about what a group's task is? Then you can find the memo on the chapter Canvas page.

During the year, four-chapter meetings are held, one in each block. The first in the academic year is SM 3, which is held after the first block’s exam period. Confused? No wonder. This is because the Chapter's operating year extends between 1 January - 31 December, while the academic year runs between August - June.

But how is the whole event organized, and what are we going to do? Well, the whole meeting begins with the election of the meeting chairman and secretary for the meeting to be democratically managed. Then typical meeting things are done; the previous minutes are reviewed, the board talks about its work and all other formalities one can think of going through. After the board has had its say, the motions in question must be voted on.

When the meeting has approved (or not approved) the motions, it is time for the most exciting (and sometimes most lengthy) part: the election of functionaries. Here, the candidates can explain why you should choose them, and then the most popular candidates are elected for the position in question. But here it can get even more exciting! Because during the selection of the official positions, you can also apply spontaneously for all positions. Have you forgotten to apply but really want to? Then just prepare a speech (or not) and show up ready for the spontaneous application at the meeting. During SM 3, the candidates for the position of President and Vice president of the Board will also be presented, but these will not be elected during the meeting.

So, what do you need to think about before? It is good to note that specifically SM 3 can drag on for a longer period of time due to its immense importance and the many issues to be voted on. Therefore, you can best prepare yourself by dressing warmly and bringing a lot of good snacks to munch on! For future chapter meetings, this is not as relevant as they usually take less time, but for SM 3 it is best to prepare yourself for a few hours of intense discussions. In addition, it is always good to have read through the election documents (where the candidates' motivations are) and the agenda to simply know what you are voting for! You will find these on the chapter's Canvas page.

With that said, we warmly welcome you to the next chapter meeting and hope that you will appreciate it as much as we do!

Saga Ugarph


Shakar Garmeny


The meeting will take place in Nymble on the 3rd of November at 5 pm. Of course, Esset will be on-site and live-reporting from the meeting via Instagram. There will also be interviews with some candidates and meeting participants. So make sure you do not miss anything important and follow the development of the events!



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