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15 mars 2022

SM1 Recap

Two weeks ago, chapter meeting 1 for 2020 kicked off. Here's Esset's recap in English!

1 nov. 2021

How Does a Chapter Meeting Work?

On Wednesday, it is time for the first chapter meeting of the year. How does it work?

20 sep. 2021

What Do We Do at Esset?

Are you curious about the Esset editorial team and what different roles there are?

6 sep. 2021

Esset Tests Student Housing

Getting a residence in Stockholm as a student can sometimes seem impossible. Alas, after harrowing around as a lodger and on short-term...

17 maj 2021

Chapter meeting 2 - longest SM2 yet?

An unusual amount of items on the agenda led to the longest chapter meeting 2 in several years with financial statements, three motions...

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