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17 maj 2021

Chapter meeting 2 - longest SM2 yet?

An unusual amount of items on the agenda led to the longest chapter meeting 2 in several years with financial statements, three motions...

6 maj 2021

What About Your Second Home, Stockholm?

Esset has interviewed three exchange students about their experience of moving to a different country.


28 apr. 2021

Esset tries: Campus lunch under 50 SEK

It has happened again; you have forgotten your lunchbox at home. With only one day left until your next paycheck and your bank balance at...

26 apr. 2021

Recorded Lectures - What Do the Rules Say?

The transition to home studies through Zoom made it possible overnight for teachers to easily record their lectures. For students this...

4 mars 2021

Chapter Meeting 1 Recap

What actually happened? Esset has the story.