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Esset's Guide to Chapter Drinks II

Uppdaterat: 2 aug. 2023

The Alcohologists Tomas, Shakar, and friends continued their hunt for Chapter drinks on Thursday. Thursdays have an extra special place in the editorial team’s hearts because there’s a pub in the S-CHAPTERS OWN OASEN! Staying in the comfort of oaSen is lovely, but if you are seeking a little more adventure on campus then you have found your way to the perfect article.

Hello and welcome to part two of our boozy trilogy, in which we get wasted, for science of course, and try to investigate how to get the most bang for your buck in campus pubs. You can start by reading the first part if you haven't already, and the final part about Friday pubs is coming out tomorrow.


Thursday’s objectively best and most important pub is of course our own in oaSen, which everyone is familiar with (located in the bottom of the L building). The pub opens at 17 and there’s tons of things to do: loud music, Beer Pong, and all the alcohol your liver desires. Friends from outside the chapter have described it as the most chaotic pub which we obviously agree with and take as a compliment.

Everything served here is obviously iconic, since it is served by the S-Chapter, but our two crown jewels are Sambrygd and Betongblandaren. Sambrygd (S-brew) is our own beer that tastes delicious, if you like beer, that is.

The honorable title of being the most iconic beverage on campus has been awarded to Betongblandaren (the cement mixer) which is taken in pairs. If you don’t recognize it then grab your favorite stranger, hoping they have no STDs, and go order it at the bar. Family members are not recommended, unless you’re from Alabama.

Our next visit was to the environmental engineer’s and teachers’ pub in Gr8n (pron. grottan and means cave) where they share a gr8 pub (sorry we had to). They open at 17:15 because “it has to be a study area until then”. Such typical teacher behavior! They have a pretty small pub but we had a fantastic time increasing our blood knowledge levels, otherwise known as blood alcohol levels, even further. (Located at osquars backe 8, hence the name)

Röda Pennan (the red pen) is easily our most thoroughly tested shot. The flavor is pretty good and you’re graded on it based on how you take the shot. We did our absolute best to get an A but only came up to B after 4 tries each. After getting drunk at other pubs we even returned to sing a song from the songbook called “Till systembolaget”. The bartenders hated it and gave us even lower grades! The editor-in-chief has a theory that if you take the shot the same way we do with the cement mixer then you get an A (If you want to test the theory and help with the research then you can dm us on instagram @essetkth)

The second drink on our list is a very tasty drink called Wegan. It’s not really that special, but in our opinion possibly the best tasting drink on campus, so we wanted to include it anyway.

Open has their pub in Hardox on Thursdays where it’s a must to drink Open-shotten (the shot from Open), or as they call it “Open’s most epic shot”. Which is too long a title for a drunk person to say. The shot is different based on your luck, which is decided by spinning an alcoholic wheel of fortune four times. Without a thorough research on probability, we as scientists are unable to study the various outcomes of flavor. Which is why we are missing a rating for the flavor of this shot.

Media has their pub in Meta (located here) where we had amazing fun! They open on Thursdays at 17:17, for some reason. They have a spacious dance floor and good music! And if you want you can sit down and enjoy a Beer and Bun (which you can get a patch for), there are plenty of seats to do so. At this pub you will even find arcade and casino games if that is your cup of tea. Esset recommends that you go there a bit earlier, they could deny you entry due to an uneven quota of people outside their chapter.

They have two fun drinks, Hipster and Gold strike. Hipster is a delicious pink drink which we enjoyed very much. Gold strike is just a regular shot, but the two that we ordered were completely different colors for reasons unknown to the bartender. The shots glittered and were strong which is why we liked it!

Last but not least, we have Tolvan (the twelve) which is Electrical Engineering’s and Medical technology’s pub. They serve Elektrokyssen (Electric kiss), one of campus’s most iconic drinks, second only to oaSen’s “Cement Mixer”. It’s a shockingly yummy drink with a fun electric twist, you’ll see what we mean when you try it. It’s almost a right of passage for a KTH student to have gotten a kiss from Electro! At this pub medical technology will serve you a cerebral bleed (Hjärnblödning). Which looks horrid but tastes really nice. (Located at osquars backe 12, hence the name)


Tomas Johansson

Research Partner and Translator

Shakar Garmeny



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