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Esset's Guide to Chapter Drinks

Uppdaterat: 2 aug. 2023

The daunting darkness of autumn is descending on us, and the stress of our relentless courses is taking its toll. In these times there’s only one way to cope with this crippling anxiety, and that is to visit campus’s pubs. For this reason we at Esset decided to help you drink your anxiety away in the best way possible. This is part one out of three very scientific articles covering us drinking heavily and rating campus’s pubs and drinks.

Research result from excessive drinking

We have visited every single pub on campus and rated their most unique and exciting drinks in order to ensure that you will drink away your study aid to maximum enjoyment. In this first article we take you through Tuesday and Wednesday pubs. The following criteria is what we have rated the drinks on:

  • Experience: how fun or original is the drink?

  • Flavor: How delicious is the drink?

  • Drinkability: How easy is it to drink?


The first pub of the week is Physics’ pub at Konsultatet (Located all the way at the M building at the end of campus). We asked them why on earth they had their pub on Tuesdays and their reply was that nobody else had it then. Fair enough! We also asked why they open at 17:23 and the person sitting in the entrance said that it is because it is two prime numbers, how awfully mathematical of them.

The drinks that Esset has selected as iconic enough for the article are “Schrödingers katt” (Schrödinger’s cat) and “promilleacceleratorn” (Blood alcohol level accelerator). Schrödingers katt is taken in pairs and is inspired by Schrödinger’s paradox, we can unfortunately not say more about this one but highly recommend taking it. It’s fun! Is the cat dead or alive or both? Promilleacceleratorn is a delicious drink with a pretty patch, you even get a glowstick with this drink! At this pub they have a third drink which isn’t really special and tastes horrid, if that is your cup of tea then order Biromialsatsen (the beeromial theorem, not the binomial).


The construction engineer’s pub opens earliest on Wednesdays, at 17:00 as they should, at Byggeriet. The first time we visited them we discovered that they had sold out the necessary alcohol for the chapter drinks which caused us to run out of there in horror. It is important to note that we got this information from an unbelievably nice bartender with a tampon in their nose! Good to see that she’s the man references are still popular. We revisited them the following week and enjoyed their “Byggare Bonk” shot, a very iconic shot! You take the shot while wearing protective construction helmets while the bartender is bonking you on the head. '

Next up we have Hardox (located in the B building) which is material science’s pub. They open at 17:15 (educational guess) on Wednesdays, and their most iconic drink is, unfortunately, a milk based drink with a difficult name which we had initially forgotten (a lot of knowledge in our blood). It tastes mostly of milk and you get a heavily dented metal piece as a patch, we managed to lose this patch before taking pictures. Journalism really shouldn’t be done with high blood alcohol levels. Their other most iconic shot is called “Masugn” (blast furnace), they have the patch in two colors for two different shots and both of them are quite good and drinkable. High ratings to those two! Wednesdays, or as nicknamed in Sweden, “little Saturdays” have another pub to offer. Computer Science’s pub at Meta. However, we did not manage to try any of their drinks. The first time we visited them they were closed and the second week we discovered that they do not serve liquor before 20:00, as alcohologists [1] we did not like that!


Tomas Johansson

Research Partner and Translator

Shakar Garmeny


[1] Alcohologist: made up word by our writer, Tomas. Somebody who studies alcohol by consuming it.

Ex. "I am not an alcoholic, I am an alcohologist"



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