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What Has Happened to the Staircase by the F Building?

Uppdaterat: 12 sep. 2020

If you’ve been to campus in the last few weeks and walked up Osquars backe, you probably noticed that there’s something missing. Just past the library, where there previously was a staircase to reach the F1 and F2 lecture halls, all that’s left is an area of exposed dirt and building foundations cordoned off by some construction fence. What’s going on here? Is there a problem with the foundations of the surrounding buildings? Or maybe it's the start of construction of some sort of secret underground lair? Lots of people have been intrigued by the staircase’s disappearance, so we had to bring clarity to this matter.

It turns out that this staircase actually has a name: Mimers trapp (Mimir’s stairs, Mimir is a figure in Norse mythology), and its removal is a part of something called the Campus Plan for the period 2018–2023. In short, the Campus Plan outlines a strategy that KTH and the property manager Akademiska Hus want to follow to improve KTH’s campus. One part of this plan is to develop the area around Osquars backe, and make it more welcoming and accessible.

Therefore, the old Mimers trapp has been demolished and is to be replaced by a new one. KTH and Akademiska Hus hope that this reconstruction will lead to a better connection between Osquars backe and the plaza above. The new staircase has been designed by the architect firm Tengbom, with the goal of creating a space that enables social interactions, while at the same time paying respect to the cultural history of the surrounding buildings.

Architect’s vision of the new Mimers trapp (courtesy of Tengbom arkitekter)

The new Mimers trapp will be much wider than the previous staircase, and will also feature seating areas along the sides. It will also be less steep, with three landings instead of one. This will enable more sunlight to reach the area below the staircase. Finally, a ramp will enable cyclists to bring their bicycles with them between the two levels. Construction of the new staircase is set to take place during the autumn semester, and will be finished in early 2021 if all goes according to plan.

Andreas Håård

Writer, Design, Web



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