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What Do We Do at Esset?

Are you curious about the Esset editorial team and what different roles there are? In this short article we have collected some information about that for you!

Editor in chief

The Editor in Chief is in charge of a lot of the behind-the-scenes work at Esset, for example being in contact with different parties in the chapter. They are also responsible for making sure that anything that Esset publishes is appropriate. In addition to those responsibilities, they chair most of Esset’s meetings and make sure everything goes according to plan.

Graphical design/Website

The team in charge of the website make sure that the articles are published on time (Hey, that's me! ^^). They make sure the publications are in the correct font, size, correct images, etc. They are also responsible for the graphical design and any updates that are required to be made to the website.

Social Media/PR

The person in charge of Social Media is responsible for much of what you see on our Instagram page. In this role you publish posts for all articles that are published, or any other events within Esset. Thereafter, you get to show off how much fun we have at Esset through the stories.


As the writer, you write articles on anything you find interesting and relevant to the chapter. Esset’s purpose is to guide and ease the path for the S-chapter students as well as facts about the chapter and even a decent amount about the industry in general. As long as the idea isn’t too far from the relevant topics then you are free to write about the subject you are interested in.


The photographer is in charge of taking the beautiful photographs that are in some of our articles as well as those that are/will be on our Instagram. It is a very straightforward role and doesn’t need much description but a wonderful way to challenge your creativity.


The Illustrator is in charge of the art that comes with the articles. That could be in any format, from digital to pencil sketches, to markers, and so on. This art accompanies a lot of our articles and is a nice touch on our website!


The role of the translator is very straightforward. When a Swedish article is relevant to both the Swedish and the international students you make sure that the article is available in English as well. This role requires a good understanding of both languages.


Does any of this sound interesting to you? If so, don't forget to apply here no later than Sunday September 26th!



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