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Esset tries: Campus lunch under 50 SEK

Uppdaterat: 28 sep. 2021

It has happened again; you have forgotten your lunchbox at home. With only one day left until your next paycheck and your bank balance at a low 54 SEK, you sit hungrily in “Triangelparken” blankly staring into space. Do not despair, Esset is here to save the day! The editors went out on a field trip across campus last semester to find the best lunches fifty kronor can buy, now it's translated to English!


At the southernmost point, while still being able to claim that you are on campus, you will find KTH's hidden diamond down in the dark subway hole. Here, you will find frozen foods which you can often get on sale; mysterious baguettes that are smaller, harder, and more expensive than the ones on the rest of the campus; and above all - garlic bread for 10 SEK each. Danne tested the "T-Snabben classic": 6 bananas + garlic bread for a total of 46 SEK, a real bargain!

🍲 – Bang for your buck!

Östra station Godis & Tobak:

Here, you can find real super offers. For 25 SEK, you get the campus’s largest cheese and ham sandwich along with a coffee or drink if you are a student. We were drawn to their sausage with double mash and drink for 49 SEK. A real classic at a low price!

Unfortunately, the mash is not served here "in these times". Andreas had to settle for a French Hot Dog with cheese and bacon sausage. Although this tasted good, there are better alternatives for 35 SEK.


This may very well be the test's most unknown restaurant. Housed across from Östra station and 7-Eleven, this is an unusual restaurant with organic and locally grown food, which sounds expensive. That’s because it is – the daily lunch costs 125 SEK (!). There is nothing here for the price-conscious to find.

🪑 – Nice sit-down environment

Café Entré:

Affordable lunch boxes are offered here, such as teriyaki chicken or pork fillet in mushroom sauce for 59 SEK. For a fifty-note, however, we got today's soup along with a piece of bread. Satisfied and full was Esset’s editor in chief.

La Campus:

One of KTH's faithful servants. La Campus takes à la carte to a whole new level and has generous opening hours. The soul of the old Järnvägsgrillen is alive within its walls. It turned out to be possible to get a whole kebab plate for only 50 SEK (usual price 90 SEK). Certainly not something we recommend, as it would be a disaster if La Campus started to go bankrupt.

🪑 – Nice sit-down environment

KTH Stories:

This nice and trendy lunch place inside the KTH Library offers many different lunch options, but unfortunately nothing within our budget. Yet, an honorary mention can be given to their ciabattas, which cost 52 SEK.

🪑 – Nice sit-down environment

THS Café:

At the upper entrance to Nymble is perhaps the coziest café on campus. The union building houses THS café with a cozy atmosphere and a clear touch of sustainability. 50 SEK can buy you today's soup or a hearty grilled sandwich.

For those who have forgotten both their lunchbox and breakfast, we suggest the brunch buffet. A real hotel-like breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausages, waffles, and much more, for you who have 69 SEK to spend, of course!

⭐ - Best in test

🏅 - Esset recommends

🪑 – Nice sit-down environment

Exresan S-kafferiet:

(Editor's note: Exresan S-kafferiet closed in November due to corona. Hopefully it opens up again in autumn). In our favorite place on campus, Exresan has just opened its doors. For our 50 SEK, we could get two hot baguettes with brie and salami. Hopefully, lunch boxes will also soon be offered for 50 SEK.

🍲 - A lot of food for value

🏅 - Esset recommends


Coffice has quickly become KTH's coffee-pumping heart. However, what many may not know is that they also offer many tasty treats that are well suited for lunch. With a large selection of wraps and sandwiches that can be heated, a student can easily buy a drink and sandwich under 50 SEK. Esset’s Regina could buy a tortilla and soft drink for 50 SEK, but that amount only satisfies those who have eaten a hearty breakfast.


The range of lunches at Fika by far surpasses its sister store, Coffice. Here is perhaps the most centrally located salad bar on campus. The one who has mastered the art of the deal can get one of the more affordable lunches here.

Fika’s 10.90 SEK / hg price for its salad bar means that it outperforms the T-Snabben 12.90 SEK / hg, even with its student discount. A 50 SEK salad bar will satisfy even the hungriest of stomachs. Henrik managed to get a salad to the value of exactly 50 SEK (with minor roundings) and felt satisfied with 460 g pasta salad.

🏅 - Esset recommends











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