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The #coronaproject

Along with school being closed, the majority of the activities of the chapter have – naturally – been cancelled or postponed. I had a brief chat with Benjamina Haksabanovic, Jämno, about Jämnogruppen’s (the equality group of the S-chapter) new project, the #coronaproject, as their way to keep the group active and to show the members of the S-chapter that they “still exist”.

Members of the jämno group have set out to share their corona projects and encourage you to do the same! From left to right: Benjamina Haksabanovic, Elsa Einarsson, Rasmus Näsman.

So, what is the #coronaproject? Benjamina describes it as a social-media project where one shares what they are doing to keep the mood up during these turbulent times. It could be a newfound hobby or something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the time for. In Benjamina’s case, this thing was cutting her own bangs, which (I can assure you) turned out very well.

The idea is that everyone should share their own Corona projects with the #coronaproject on social media. In this way one can get inspiration, but also feel some fellowship during this isolated time. Right now, the members of Jämnogruppen are sharing their #coronaproject on their Instagram, @jamnos.

Unfortunately, the response to the project has been low. Benjamina thinks it might be because of abstraction of the project. Also, the word “project” makes it sound like a huge thing, but that’s not the truth. To be straight forward – the #coronaproject could be anything you’re doing during these times. Learning to sew, cooking, taking walks, painting, training, binge-watching, reading… you get it.

Frida Wistfors

We in the editorial will, in the near future, share our #coronaproject – and hopefully you will too!



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