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Now it´s time for the last S-chapter meeting this academic year. At this article we are going to update live about the happenings during the evening. The chapter meeting starts at 17:00!


17:11: Today is the last chapter meeting of this semester and also this academic year. There are quite a lot of things on the agenda for today:

  • Information about what the board of the chapter are doing

  • Information regarding the economy of the chapter

  • A proposition regarding the song book committee

  • A motion from Ambassedeur group

  • Several chapter posts will be elected

17:14: The people are now waiting to come into the main room on Zoom. This procedure is now trickier than IRL, according to Valberedningen (election committee), which is why it can take longer time before the meeting actually can start. You can read about it more in the last article named "Det kan du förvänta dig på morgondagens SM" (swedish article)

17:30: Today is also the last chapter meeting that is held by Astrid Lindblom and Kalle Escher as ordinary Meeting chairmen. Good luck with the meeting and thank you for your service!

17:51: The chapter meeting has started.

17:54: Kalle is informing the audience about how the meeting is made.

17:59: Kalle Escher and Astrid Lindblom are elected to be the chairmens of the meeting.

18:03: Louise Björkman is elected to be the secretary of the meeting.

18:05: Hawler Rabun and Gabriel Boquist are chosen as adjustment persons. Hawler Rabun, Gabriel Boquist, Astrid Lindblom and Kalle Escherare are chosen as voting counters.

18:09: In every chaptermeeting there are some adminstative questions that has to be made, like to accept the meeting and the meeting shedule.

18:15: Mario Ishak, the president of the chapter board is informing the chapter of their work.

  • The board has gone digital due to covid-19

  • He encourage everyone that works with the chapter in some way to work as much as usual to be prepared for the future

  • Some events may be postponed to the autumn

  • Meeting about the price Kand-Excellence 2020 has been made.

18:17: A question is asked about how the plan is from KTH and S-chapter with the reception after the summer. Mario is answering that no one knows, he can´t answer the question but he really hopes that it will happen for the sake of the new incoming students.

18:20: Vice President Jesper Andersson informs about the economic situation. He says that the chapter were lucky to have Lava 2020 before the situation with covid-19. Other than that there are som of the groups of the chapter that are affected of for example cancelled events. As it is right now the budget of 2020 is still in place.

For the chapter members it can be said that the budget can be found on Canvas.

18:22: A question regarding the impact of the economy in the future. Jesper says that everything is very unclear due to the circumstances. He also says that in general the chapter has a very good economic situation.

18:31: The change of PM regarding the song book is approved by the board and the members present at the meeting.

18:36: Ambassadeurs wish to make a change in PM approved by the board and the members present at the meeting.

18:39: It is time to elect new chapter posts. First up is Valberedningen (election board)

18:41: When applying to chapter posts it is needed to go up and present yourself for the meeting. It is also the time for the audience to ask questions.

18:43: Applying for Valberedningen are three persons: Katia Calming, David Westin and Astrid Lindblom. The presentations are in that order.

18:53: For privacy and regulation reasons we cannot report on what said during the presentations.

18:59: 6 people are to be elected to Valberedningen (chosen by the meeting members on the meeting). 3 people have applied which means that it is 3 places left if everyone are elected by the meeting members. We´ll see what happends!

19:05: After the presentations of each person and questions from the audience there is always a general discussion at the meeting in between the meeting members. That has now started.

19:12: Katia Calming, David Westin and Astrid Lindblom are elected with the mandate to fill the groups themself. Congratulations!

19:16: It is time to elect ÅKE (årskursrepresentanter, class representatives). From the S-chapters webpage: "ÅKE are the ones who try to develop the courses that occur right NOW. ÅKE stays in contact with the professors and teachers of a course and presents the students opinions during the course. ÅKE also has a discussion with the responsible teacher after the course about the evaluation and tries to set up goals of improvements for the next time the course is given."

19:19: 21 people are applying. Due to the amount, no presentations are needed.

19:21: All ÅKE are elected. Congratulations to you all!

19:22: Time for PAS (Programansvarig student/ student responsible). Taken from the S-chapter webpage: "PAS are the ones responsible for the long time development of the programs and tries to develop courses, the order of the courses and the overall coherence of the programs."

19:24: Like ÅKE, no presentations are needed. 2 people are applying.

19:28: Karolina Näsen is elected as PAS for S (Samhällsbyggnadsprogrammet) and Karolina Landgärds is elected as PAS for FoF (Fastighet och Finans). Congratulations!

19:28: Now, SNOW. Lukas Skärvinge is applying.

19:33: Lukas is elected. Congratulations and we are really looking forward to the ski trip next year!

19:34: Qlenod right now. Simon Jändel are applying to the post. Qlenod is taking care of the history of the Chapter with patches, Ovvar and traditions.

19:38: Simon Jändel are elected, congratulations!

19:39: Sportigs time to shine. Emanuel Multing is applying for the post. "Sportig at Samhällsbyggnad is the one who’s responsible for sport activities at the chapter and is also a part of planning bigger events at KTH. Every week we have one hour booked in KTH-hallen between 5-6 pm. During this hour we play different games and sports such as floorball, basketball and volleyboll."

19:44: Congratulations to Emanuel that is Sportig 2020/2021. Good luck with all the activities!

19:45: Next up is Qulturesse. Sadly nobody has applied to the post. The meeting audience chosed to vote for the post to be vacant and the board to fill the place as they wish. Qulturesse are the person that are responsible cultural activities and aspects of the chapter. Are you interested? Take contact with the chapter board!

19:47: Next: Song Leader. The song leader are responsible to lead the dinner parties called Gasque on the chapter. Adam Åberg is applying.

19:51: Adam Åberg is elected. Congratulations from all of your friends at Esset (Adam is also one of the writers on this student paper)!

19:53: Directly after its time for Vice song leader who works in close collaboration with the song leader. Gabriel Manne has applied.

19:56: Gabriel Manne is elected by the meeting members. Congrats!

19:57: Now its time for Balkommitén, who are responsible for the spring ball. Sadly this years spring ball was cancelled due to covid-19. Nobody has applied for the post.

20:02: The meeting audience chosed to vote for the group to be four members and the posts to be vacant for the board to fill the places as they wish. Are you interested? Take contact with the chapter board!

20:03: Kalle Mårtensson are right now presenting himself for application to Chefredacteur of this paper, which is a part of the S-chapter.

20:05: Heja Kalle! We are looking forward to more time with you as Chefredacteur . Congratulations!

20:06: Time for l'sqlings president. Elsa Einarson are applying for the post as the leader for the choir of the chapter.

20:09: Elsa is elected and will then continue the work with all the humming birds of the chapter. Fantastic, good luck!

20:10: Meeting chairmen is up. David Westin is applying, and there is also a spontaneous application from this years Kalle Escher. The latter is the person who starts to present himself.

20:18: For you who wonder, you can always make a spontanous application directly at the chapter meeting.

20:20: David och Kalle are elected. Our best wishes for the future, good luck!

20:20: Time for Teknikansvarig, responsible for the technic at the chapter such as audio and video. Albin Kvarnerfalk has applied.

20:24: Albin is elected. Congratulations!!

20:27: Time for the song book committee. To these posts we have six people that are applying. How many that will be in the newly started group that will take care and revise the song book. The song book is used during Gasques. Applying are Sidra Akbar, Kalle Mårtensson, Torkel Blohme, Johanna Billberg, John Österholm and Adam Åberg.

20:40: Right now the applicants are presenting themself. For privacy and regulation reasons we cannot report on what said during the presentations.

20:55: The chapter meeting chosed that the committee will have six members and that they will be chosen in one group. The latter means that the meeting will vote for to have all the applicants elected as a group. In the end all of the applicants were elected. Congratualtions Sidra, Kalle, Torkel, Johanna, John och Adam! We are looking forward for the new book to be out soon.

20:55: That was the last part of the meeting, and with that the meeting is finished!

20:57: Thanks to everyone that worked with the meeting. Impressive technical solutions and all and all a very efficient and rewarding meeting.

Ending notes:

This is how a chapter meeting is arranged. Today there were close to no competion in between the apllicants why the time in between different posts was generally short. This depends a lot from different chapter meetings. We want to encourage everyone to join a chapter meeting some time and also maybe to apply for a post. It is a good experience, a way to find new friends and also the best way to affect the chapter.

We also want to say that the final desicions are to be find at the meeting protocol that will be put up at Canvas. There can be errors in the text above (please contact the editorial if you find an error!).

Thank you for today, and good night!

Karl Norberg



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