Chapter Meeting 4 Recap

Uppdaterat: 14 dec. 2020

Yesterday’s chapter meeting took place fully on zoom and while one could have expected relatively low participation with no major competition the meeting brought on some surprises. Esset was of course there and reported live, here is a recap and small analysis.

After a 40-minute wait for all participants to be verified, meeting president Karl Escher appeared dressed in a Santa hat. With a thorough briefing of the voting system and some practice on the meeting formalities the meeting could be started.

The first point of order was the traditional presentation of the board’s work since the last meeting in October. Once again, the agenda was permeated by the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, just one day after the previous meeting more stringent restrictions were put in place causing the board to cancel all physical events and meetings. This was also discussed with the ABE school with evaluations on both parties’ work in the pandemic.

The chapter also admitted Don Collis, a.k.a. Helené Hill to the order of Don, an alumni network of honorary members of the S-chapter. Further, the board announced that the positions for the ambassadeur group, responsible for the master reception have been filled as well as three out of five seats for the prom committee.

Lastly, president Mario Ishak took the opportunity to thank everyone on behalf of the board and finished with a reminder to all associations that it is important to let the handover to new leadership be as smooth as possible and to hand in the bi-annual reports for the members to read.

What followed was the operational plan for next year which was changed in order for the chapter to comply with the newly admitted THS policy for climate and environment. The directives for the S-chapter’s two auditors were also changed to extend their responsibilities to mandating random checks of the bookkeeping in order to increase the transparency in the chapter’s economy.

Next, vice president Jesper Andersson presented the budget for 2021 which was dominated by large negative numbers. All in all, the chapter is projected to make a loss of almost 500 000 kr. The reason for this is mainly due to a large expected decrease in revenue from the Lava work fair, lunch lectures as well as large uncertainties in revenue for the reception. This has in part been compensated by reducing spending on gasques which are now expected to break even. A proposal to this budget has also gone out to all associations and members in advance but Jesper explained that due to these special circumstances it has not always been possible to meet everyone’s wishes. However, he also pointed out that the smaller associations are responsible for a large part of the student life and that cuts in these parts of the budget would lead to detrimental effects without reducing losses significantly.

After a 30 minute break the second meeting president David Westin took over, thankfully also dressed in a Santa hat, and continued with election of new officials starting with the board. Before the meeting, there were five vacant slots. However, as the meeting went on several people announced that they wanted to run. The meeting duly elected Hampus Löfgren (FoF2) as head of business relations, Andreas Karlsson (S2) was elected to head of the student educational committee, and Johan Bexhorn (S3) to the head of club activities. After this, three other members were elected: Ramayana Salgado (will start S3), Naima Ozims (S3) and Benjamina Haksabanovic (S3). No candidate to the head of equality was elected despite the current head’s persistent marketing and one board member spot was left empty. These six board members will accompany Oskar Sundström (S3) and Elin Lindgren (S4) who were elected president and vice president respectively during a ballot election in november.

After the nominating committee presented the candidates there were none for the project manager of the Lava work fair 2022. However, when it came to it no less than three people introduced themselves as candidates. This immediately raised the stakes and it was obvious that the candidates had to perform at their best. The meeting attendants also showed larger interest with more questions to the candidates, many of them which were elaborate. After a quick discussion and vote the chapter meeting elected Frida Wistfors as project manager.

In addition to this, the meeting also elected new auditors, caretaker of the car and the rest of the board to the student pub. Other highlights of the meeting were without a doubt the “Bellman” jokes presented by the meeting presidium. The editorial staff thinks that this has to become a tradition from now on! All in all, the meeting turned out to be more exciting than expected which goes to show that even with general meetings, you never know what will happen!

Karl Mårtensson


List of all newly elected officials:

Chapter Board

Oskar Sundström, President

Elin Lindgren, Vice president

Hampus Löfgren, Head of business relations

Andreas Karlsson, Head of student educational committee

Johan Bexhorn, Head of club activities

[Head of equality is vacant]

Ramayana Salgado, Member of the board

Naima Ozims, Member of the board

Benjamina Haksabanovic, Member of the board

[One vacant position for member]


Mario Ishak

Louise Björkman

Car caretaker

Andreas Karlsson

Project manager of Lava

Frida Wistfors

Board of QBM, the student pub

Johan Bexhorn, head

Hektor Philipson, vice head

Jesper Pettersson, head of economy

Signe Fridström, Head of personnel

Anisa Hossain, Head of PR



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