Chapter Meeting 3 Recap

After a year long hiatus on physical chapter meetings, chapter meeting 3 finally set off in Nymble’s Nya matsalen. With only 83 members present, this was quite a small meeting with a relatively small number of first year students, perhaps due to the low competition for the usually very popular position of DKP, responsible for the reception of the year ones.

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The general mood during the chapter meeting.

The meeting started as usual with information from the chapter board. President Oskar Sundström began to speak about the operational plan with a mid-year follow-up. He continued with informing about the work of the board with one of the main points of interest being the resignation of SNO, the chair of the study board, Andreas Karlsson. He is replaced by Linnea Holmsten. A topic that has been on the table since the start of the semester is also a proposal from KTH about reorganizing chapter halls and storage spaces, Oskar informs that the board will work actively to keep OaSen and is collaborating with KVSIF, the chapter’s student farce in their discussion with KTH. The board has also started working on a mentorship program, pairing students with members of the alumni association Donorden.

Next up, vice president Elin Lindgren spoke about a change that was decided on during the summer to increase the budget for the DKP reception. Usually this decision is up to the chapter meetings, but this has not been possible due to the summer break according to Elin.

THS representative to the S-chapter, Ossian Ahlkvist was up next and gave the meeting participants information from THS, highlighting that it is possible to sign up to the digital work fair Armada and that new members of the management team will be chosen soon.

Secretary Naima Ozims took the stage to present a proposition to amend the statutes and add another role in the chapter board, a treasurer. The idea is to reduce the vice president's workload, and that this is a first step in making the work of the board more strategic. Questions were raised as to whether the treasurer should be elected during a week-long election period together with the president and vice president but the board wants this change to take place before next year and therefore proposed that this be changed at a later stage. The meeting passed the proposition which will be discussed at the next meeting as well, a requirement for changing the statutes.

Vice president Elin Lindgren presented the board’s second proposition about a change in budget of the year to allow for the purchasing of a new car. In addition to this, they proposed a budget increase for the Don gasque and the Qlenod group’s budget for representation. This proposition was also passed.

Three motions were also submitted before the meeting. The first came from the Jubilee committee, asking for a budget for decorations and representation costs. The second motion was presented by a group of members who wanted to start a kubb association with the plan of organizing two events per year. The board was very positive but suggested some changes in order to harmonize the role with all other associations. Both these motions were approved by the meeting without discussion. The third motion was submitted by some previous members to reintroduce the budget for graduation parties. The motion was however submitted by a person who is no longer a member and questions were raised whether or not the motion can be taken up. This point was postponed until the end of the meeting where it was finally passed.

After these propositions and motions were treated, it was time for a change in meeting presidents and Klara Marntell took over, introducing a new type of efficiency to the meeting. The nomination committee presented themselves and their policy for interviews and nominations. Alice Ceberg was confirmed as president of the committee.

After a pizza break, at 19.15 it was time for the elections, usually the main attraction of the meeting. The Ambassadeur group, responsible for the master reception was unfortunately left completely empty and the board was thereby given the mandate to fill the vacancies. Next up was the election of DKP, usually the hottest election of the year, but this time there were just five candidates for the five positions.

The method of election for DKP was a highly discussed topic following a chapter meeting in February where the nomination committee at the time proposed a change which was passed with small margins against the will of the current DKP. Previously, the five members were chosen at once and roles determined afterwards but after this change one candidate is now elected at a time for each specific position.

For the position of head of events and PR, there were two candidates but only one showed up. Eventually, Ellinor Wardman was elected. For head of logistics there was one candidate, Ludvig Lidström, who was also elected. The role for president and head of HR had a candidate who presented himself, but questions arose as to whether the candidate had the time and commitment needed for the role. The meeting thereafter decided to not elect anyone to this position. Next up was the election of head of Economy where Love Alsenius was elected. The position for head of corporate relations was after this left without candidates but another member, Vanessa Chu, presented herself as a candidate and was thereafter elected. All in all, four persons were elected and one position was left vacant, an unprecedented result compared to recent years.

The elected members of DKP: Ellinor Wardman, Ludvig Lidström, Love Alsenius and Vanessa Chu

As the election of DKP finished, a noticeable number of members had left the meeting but there were two regular points left. Naima Ozims, secretary of the board presented herself as a candidate for president and Alice Gardby, a member of the nomination committee, as a vice president. Both of these positions are to be chosen from a week long election period during week no. 47 on Canvas.

Candidates for President and Vice president respectively: Naima Ozims, Alice Gardby.

After the presentations wrapped up, the motion about budget for graduation parties was revisited and passed as earlier explained. The meeting was then finally finished to the relief of many, even the board which had already started placing back the furniture in the room.

Kalle Mårtensson

Milton Larsson

Shakar Garmeny

The next chapter meeting will take place on the 8:th of December at 17:00 in Stora Gasque of Nymble.



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