Chapter Meeting 3 Recap

Last Wednesday, on the 28th of October, the third S chapter meeting of 2020 was held. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, Esset provides you with a recap of the most important events.

There were two options for attending the meeting: either digital through Zoom or in person at the Student Union house Nymble. For those choosing the latter option, a number of measures were taken with respect to Covid-19. Chairs were spaced out evenly throughout the room, microphones were wiped with disinfectant between each speaker (masterfully handled by Esset’s own Frida Wistfors) and the dinner serving was split into two separate time slots to avoid crowding.

The meeting got underway at 5:35 pm. After some formalities, S chapter board president Mario Ishak and vice president Jesper Andersson gave us an update about the operational plan and budget, respectively. The general theme was how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the work of the board. Some of the things outlined in the operational plan can’t be carried out because of restrictions, and the proceeds of the chapter have been largely reduced as well during this time. Fortunately however – from an economic perspective – fewer events also means less costs, so the budget deficit is not as bad as it could’ve been. Last year’s board also reminded us that the chapter made quite a large profit in 2019, so the overall economic stability is still good. Though some investments – such as getting a new car for the chapter – will have to wait until things become more normal again.

Following that, we got some information from the president of the entire Student Union (THS), Charley Jönsson. He reminded us that the career fair THS Armada will be held digitally this year, on the 17–18th of November. Also, two of the S chapter’s representatives in the Student Union Council – Ossian Ahlkvist and Leonard Hökby – introduced themselves, and told us about their work. For example, there is now an environmental policy in place for the entire Student Union, which the Council has prepared.

Next, it was time for the election of next year’s Ambassadeur group, who are in charge of planning the reception and welcoming of new Master’s students coming to KTH each semester. Two people were elected to the group: Alice Söderqvist, a third year student who has participated in the reception as a buddy previously, and Alessio Sannino, an exchange student from Italy. At the meeting it was also decided that the Ambassadeur group should consist of five people, which means that three positions are still vacant. If you are interested in joining the group, you should contact the S chapter board at

The meeting had now gone on for about two hours, and it was time for a dinner break. Half of the in-person attendees at a time got to enjoy some traditional Swedish cuisine, prepared by the S chapter board members – meatballs with oven-roasted potatoes, gravy and lingonberry jam.

One of the most anticipated events of the night was the election of the group DKP 2021, which took place after the dinner break. This group is in charge of planning and organizing the reception for first year students who start at KTH next fall. There were seven applicants for the five positions, and they each held presentations where they argued for why they should be elected. The meeting participants also got to ask the applicants questions, for example how they would account for Covid-19 in their planning, if they had any specific ideas on how to improve the reception and how they would work to solve conflicts arising in the group.

After the presentations were over, all of the applicants left the room and the participants at the meeting got to discuss their impressions. Several people also made endorsements of the applicants they thought should be elected. Then, a vote was held using a secret ballot. Once the votes were counted, the following five people had been elected: Torkel Blohmé, Sofia Nork, Jonas Rissén, Ninnie Tägtström and Adam Åberg.

The final topic of the meeting was the announcement of candidatures for chapter board president and vice president next year. Three people were expected to run for president, however two of these withdrew their candidatures at the meeting. Oskar Sundström, a third year student, was the only one to make a formal announcement. When it comes to the role of vice president, no one at the meeting made an application. The nominations committee was therefore tasked with announcing the position as vacant, and to try to find a suitable person.

According to S chapter by-laws, in order to be elected, the board president and vice president need to get the relative majority of votes in a secret ballot election where the chapter members participate. This election was originally scheduled to be held digitally on the S chapter Canvas page between the 16th and 22nd of November, but may need to be postponed if no vice president candidate is found in time.

The time was now twenty minutes past midnight, and it was time to end the meeting. Esset would like to congratulate everyone elected, and we hope to see you at the next chapter meeting on the 2nd of December!

Andreas Håård

Writer, Design, Web



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