Chapter Meeting 1 Recap

The first chapter meeting of the year kicked off last Wednesday and would have been a pretty standard meeting, with the election of Lava’s project group as the main point. However a motion from the nomination committee, concerning the election of DKP, stole the show.

Info from the board

The meeting kicked off with newly elected president Oskar Sundström talking about the work of the board since the start of the year. Most of the work this far are connected to the handover of responsibilities between the board members and functionaries. The hiatus on physical events at the chapter is still in effect, apart from outdoor exercise events such as those organized by FC Sam or Sportig.

He continued with a stern reminder to keep social distancing in OaSen, the common room, explaining that there are reports that students are not following the guidelines

Continuing, Oskar presented three new working groups assembled to perform the following tasks:

  • Preparing a committee for celebrating the S-chapter’s 20-year jubilee in 2022

  • A group for digitalization of several functions at the chapter

  • Creating a chapter-specific environmental policy in accordance with new decisions from the THS union council.

Any interested members were encouraged to join the groups and take part in their work.

There were also some news for the chapter room OaSen where all windows will be equipped with locks and/or alarms so it will become possible to open them without a risk for break-ins, a much wanted feature during parties.

Next up was the chair of the study board Andreas Karlsson who presented a proposal to nominate the three students who were awarded the buddy of the year prize: Donya Dam, Oskar Sundström and Jonas Moëll Lindgren to a grant given by THS. The chapter meeting approved this without hesitation.

Info from the Union Council

The last people to provide information about their work were two of the S-chapter’s representatives in the THS Union Council, Leonard Hökby and Ossian Ahlkvist. They gave a report on the union’s economy which can be summarized as good, even though there have been large losses in income due to the pandemic.

More so, Leonard and Ossian announced that the union also created a new chapter for students studying at the engineering preparatory year, increasing the total number of chapters to 22.

Disagreements between two associations

Probably the biggest talking point of the meeting was without a doubt a motion from the nomination committee that aimed to reduce the complexity of the DKP election process. DKP are the members responsible for organizing the reception of year ones. The nomination committee wants the group to be elected individually with set responsibilities compared to electing them together. According to them this will make it easier to make recommendations of candidates and make it easier for the candidates themselves to choose which pre-determined role they are best suited for.

This motion was not supported by the current DKP group who argued that this change could impact the group dynamic negatively and create a higher threshold for applying to the group if more focus is put on being elected to a fixed position instead of allowing the group to choose themselves.

This disagreement prompted an hour-long debate between the groups where it quickly became obvious that there is a large rift between those on the two sides of the whole election process. Even after the meeting, the discussion continued on Esset’s instagram with members both in support of and against the motion speaking their mind. One should note, however, that the discussion never became heated and carried on in a calm fashion.

In the end, the question went to a vote with the motion winning with a 51% to 39% majority.

Election of Lava’s project group

While the election of the project group of Lava, the chapter work fair, usually is the main attraction at SM1 the previous discussion took out the wind of the next point. A contributing factor was also that the number of candidates were the same as the number of positions, eliminating the discussion on who to elect. In the end seven persons were elected to the following positions, joining project manager Frida Wistfors:

  • Sara Grim - Head of Logistics

  • Tova Nyander Söderhielm - Head of HR

  • Emelie Landström - Head of Finances

  • Donya Dam - Head of Corporate relations

  • Atle Wahlberg - Head of Marketing

  • Agnes Svensson - Head of Event

  • Ebba Petersson - Head of Communication

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